Legal letters are the single most powerful aspect of legal conflict resolution, the least understood, and the most difficult of all legal services to obtain quickly, easily and affordably.

LetterDash is a disruptor:

(a) LetterDash has effectively disrupted and replaced the old, sluggish, expensive process of finding and hiring an attorney to draft and send your letters with one that is fast, efficient and affordable.

(b) These letters include: demand letters, intent to sue letters, cease and desist letters, opinion letters, hardship letters, 401k letters, merchant processor letters, financial transaction letters, etc.

(c) Rather than wait several weeks and pay thousands of dollars for a letter, LetterDash has an attorney deliver a first draft to you within 48 business hours and saves you thousands.

LetterDash gives you an edge:

(a) LetterDash, unlike any lawyer, law firm or company out there, dedicates every resource available to analyzing the thousands of letters sent and responses received.

(b) Day in and day out, we obsess over optimizing every aspect of these letters based on the data, human analysis, and results and outcomes.

(c) And in doing so, we give our clients the highest probability of achieving a successful outcome in their case.

Our founding

LetterDash was founded by Michael Sherman and Chelsea Gilbert in 2018 after years of frustration with the process of searching for, finding and retaining an attorney to draft and send letters. This started as a simple breach of contract letter service and a single attorney. Our obsession transformed into what is now the single largest and fastest growing provider of legal letters and legal pleadings.

Co-founder, Chelsea Gilbert

LetterDash would not exist in the way it does today without it's absolutely brilliant founding member - Chelsea Gilbert. She was instrumental from the day LetterDash launched a dummy landing page in 2018 to peak growth of the company, having a hand in everything from the creating the MVP, developing a strategy to validate demand, building out and optimizing messaging and landing pages, advertising and marketing and everything in-between.

What are our clients saying?

It's about time we have something like this. I needed a letter of opinion and I got quotes from other Lawyers ranging from $3,000-$5,000. Instead I got it for $250. They were fast, efficient and were responsive to all edit requests. This is a slam dunk. I am totally using them again.

Cameron Archibald

I wish there were 10 stars---1. excellent very quick service-prompt. 2. results---perfect-wrote an excellent letter and got the desired result. I will use their service again if needed.

Dr. Albert Snow

I reached out to an attorney for a cease and desist letter before finding Letterdash. He said it was going to take upwards of a week and I needed it right away. Letterdash did exactly what they said they would do, and they did it quickly. The attorney was great and the letter was outstanding. Thank you for a job well done. I will definitely recommend you.

Mari Florence