Dear Loyal Clients, Valued Partners, Attorneys and Law Firms:

I am excited to share with all of you the progress that LetterDash has made since 2018 and give you some insight as to what is in store for the future of our company.

LetterDash has quickly built a rich tradition of innovation focused on developing products in the legal services space that are easy to use, easily accessible and affordable for everyone. This requires creative thinking, risk-taking, legal and ethics considerations, and most importantly, client feedback.

If you're a client of LetterDash, you already know how difficult it is to find an attorney, let alone one that will work fast, for a reasonable fee. You probably also realize how unique our service is and have come to appreciate that the same level of service cannot be obtained elsewhere. There's truly nothing else out there like it.

In such a heavily regulated industry, one that presents great legal and ethical challenges and considerations that are constantly evolving, we have been put under an immense amount of pressure revolving around the many moving parts of this one-of-a-kind product. For this reason, our company has recently pivoted and adopted a very different customer service policy: The customer is not always right.

You might be wondering what exactly does this mean? It's simple. Our clients are not always right and those that are disrespectful, hostile or disruptive, those that threaten us or the participating attorneys, will not be tolerated and will be refused service.

With all of that said, 2018 was a tremendous year. We were able to help thousands of individuals and businesses with their legal troubles. LetterDash was responsible for producing hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements. Major milestones were reached very fast and re-investments were made across the board, in people, technology and product innovation.

  • We've narrowed our mission down to what we do best and products that have been most effective for our clients
  • We've assembled a team of world class attorneys and rolled out insanely strict recruiting guidelines for attorneys that join our network
  • We have introduced new products that have increased the effectiveness of our services in the hundreds of percentage points
Things to look forward to:
  • We will continue optimizing and improving our core product offerings
  • We're in the process of rolling out several new products in the beta stage thanks to outstanding client's and their suggestions
  • We're working on large-scale partnerships with attorneys and law firms that have affiliates and relationships across the United States that will reduce our expenses and client fees and increase production speeds
  • We're developing plans to dramatically enhance the LetterDash customer service experience including more changes to our customer support operations, package tracking and payment options
  • We're retaining high level ethics and UPL attorneys, many of which are also amazing professors, these are some of the best legal minds the legal field has to offer, to assist in product development and continuously review our processes and procedures
  • We're re-investing, heavily, in the area of legal ethics and compliance

There is always room for improvement and we will be working hard to make it happen. The team here at LetterDash is extremely passionate about you, the customer, how you use our products and how we can make a difference in your lives.

I look forward to updating everyone and sharing progress with you individually and regularly.