What Will the Lawyer Charge to Write a Cease and Desist Letter?

Very similar to the "demand letter" product, LetterDash has done a tremendous amount of research in the "cease and desist writing and sending" space and has collected mountains of data.

First, we must address the confusion regarding a "cease and desist letter" and "cease and desist order". It is assumed by most that they are one in the same but they surely are not. A cease and desist letter is a letter you send to someone demanding they cease a certain behavior or activity that is harming you. A "cease and desist order" is an official order, handed down by a court, a judge or a governmental body. The two are very often confused. A letter from an attorney is not a legal document in the sense that it can force a person to stop. The purpose of a letter from an attorney is to threaten legal action is the behavior or activity is not stopped - and therefore you would eventually pursue a cease and desist order and financial damages accordingly.

The typical fees for a cease and desist letter --

Solo Practitioner: Most solo attorneys will charge $750 - $1,200 to draft and send your demand letter.

Partnerships: Most partnerships, that are generally made up of two or three attorneys, will charge about $1,500 for their time.

Large Firms: Most large or high end firms, those that give you the "Big Firm Experience", will charge $3,000-$5,000 for the same product.