If you sell CBD oils, waters, creams or edibles, or HEMP products, you know that it's not the same as selling marijuana or marijuana edibles. BUT--that doesn't mean you won't run into problems finding a merchant credit card processing company to run your transaction. You will need an opinion letter from a licensed attorney.

Unfortunately, there are very few merchant providers that can and will process transactions for sellers of HEMP or CBD. Most of these sellers should be prepared for two things: (a) you will need an opinion letter from a licensed attorney and (b) you will probably pay higher-than-average transaction fees due to the elevated risk associated with your industry. However, the benefits make it all worthwhile, the security and convenience that comes along with accepting credit cards, that is.

This industry, as well as the marijuana industry, is constantly evolving and changing. In 100 years, it is unlikely you will need an opinion letter for the purpose of applying for a merchant account and the right to run transactions under that account - but for now - merchant processors are not taking any chances. You will need an opinion letter from a licensed attorney to indicate that your product is legal and that it is not marijuana, nor do you sell marijuana on your website or in your stores.

The recently passed billed, in 2018, changed everything. Under the new legislation, hemp based products are now removed from the Schedule I list of controlled substances (having less than .3% THC). However you must be a licensed grower and comply with all applicable Federal and State laws to produce and sell your product legally. Another aspect you will need a licensed attorney to basically sign off on.

Why an opinion letter from an attorney? You're basically having the attorney sign off and seal on the fact that you are operating legally and not selling illegal drugs as that exposes the merchant processor to a variety of potential legal problems. The attorney is backing the letter under his name, bar number and insurance.

A few of the great high risk merchant providers are:

Pay Diverse
PayWize, Inc
Easy Pay Direct
SMB Global